temporary position as Postdoctoral Fellow for three years
University of Bergen

The position is part of the ERC project: Novel Tools for Early Childhood Predisposition to Obesity, funded by the University of Bergen
and based on ERC (Advanced) grant. The position is placed at the KG Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research
(http://www.uib.no/en/diabetes) .


The work is intended to identify novel genes and mechanisms involved in predisposition to abnormal growth, childhood obesity and
diabetes. The candidates will mainly work with a unique GWAS and exome chip dataset of 11 000 mother-father-child trios from the
population-based Mother and Child Cohort of Norway (MoBa) and next generation sequencing (NGS) analysis. Tasks will involve
associations based studies on genotype-phenotype relationships, application and development of methods for trio-analysis, imputation,
NGS-analysis and longitudinal analysis and epidemiology. The sample has rich phenotypic information and can be linked to the
Norwegian Birth Registry. The work will be performed in an international research environment devoted to studies of complex and
Mendelian disorders at the KG Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research and the Genomics group at the Department of Clinical Science.
Thus, we are seeking dedicated candidates with interest in genomics, statistics, epidemiology, informatics and medicine who can
complement our genetic analysis team.

For further information, please contact Manager, Professor Pål R. Njølstad (pal.njolstad@uib.no / +47-55 97 51 53) or Genomics group
leader Professor Stefan Johansson (stefan.johansson@uib.no /+47-55 97 50 56).

Qualifications and qualities

The candidate

  • must hold a PhD-degree within the field of bioinformatics/medical informatics/epidemiology/statistical genetics/mathematics or
    have submitted her/his doctoral dissertation for evaluation within the closing date of the application. It is a condition for
    appointment that the dissertation is approved.
  • must have proficient knowledge of English

Experience from relevant omics data analysis, informatics, statistical genetics, large-scale data analysis, genome-wide genetic studies,
NGS and/or epidemiological research will be of particular importance in the evaluation of the candidates.

A considerable emphasis will be placed on personal skills. The candidate must document ability to work independently and scientific
creativity, high capacity for work, collaborative team work, strong motivation and commitment for science.

The candidate is expected to spend some time abroad (most likely at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA)

We can offer

  • A good and challenging work environment in research front of diabetes research and genomics.
  • Salary level 57 (code 1352/pay framework 24.1), with a degree in Medicine or Dentistry level 59 (code 1352/pay framework
    24.3), with a medical specialization level 61 (code 1352/pay framework 24.5) on the government salary scale. Further promotion
    will be after service seniority in the position.
  • A good pension scheme in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.
  • A position in an inclusive workplace (IA enterprise)
  • Good welfare benefits

About postdoctoral fellowships

In general, the purpose of postdoctoral positions at the University of Bergen is the building of competence by means of further
development of research work to a higher level than what is possible within an ordinary PhD program. The main goals of the positions
are to qualify the successful candidate for professional top positions.

Leaves of absence for other purposes than those laid down by law are normally not granted.

Applicants shall put forward a proposal for a project for qualifying work. The proposal shall include a progress plan. It is a premise that
the selected candidate will complete the project within the stipulated period of employment.
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Postdoctoral fellowships are fixed term positions. You cannot be employed as a postdoctoral fellow for more than one fixed term period
at the same institution. Also, you cannot be employed in a postdoctoral position if you have previously held this type of position at a
different institution in the region.

The fixed term period for the position is three years, with the possibility for an extension of the period up to one (1) year if a researchrelated
stay abroad shall be included in the employment period. Up to 25 % of the position may be comprised of mandatory work at the

Recruitment to state employment

The state labour force shall reflect the diversity of Norwegian society to the greatest extent possible. Age and gender balance among
employees is therefore a goal. It is also a goal to recruit people with immigrant backgrounds. People with immigrant backgrounds and
people with disabilities are encouraged to apply for the position.

The successful applicant must comply with the guidelines that apply to the position at any time.

The University of Bergen applies the principles of public openness when recruiting staff to scientific positions. Information about the applicant may be made public even though the applicant has requested not to be named in the list of applicants. The applicant will be notified if her/his request is not respected.

For further information about the recruitment process, click here.

How to apply

  • The application must contain:
  • a brief letter of application stating your motivation for the position, why you are applying and why this position is perfect for you an
    overview of your education and work experience (CV)
  • witnessed copies of diplomas and relevant certificates (applicants with education from other countries than Norway must enclose
  • witnessed diplomas in both the original language and authorized translations)
  • complete list of publications
  • publications
  • two referees (name and contact information)

Please send your application with attachments electronically via JobbNorge by clicking on the button marked “Apply for this job”.

The applications will be sent electronically to the assessment committee. Please notice that the applications will be assessed only with
the information available in JobbNorge when the deadline expires. It is the applicant`s responsibility to ensure that all relevant
attachments are submitted by the deadline.

Please, notice that applications sent by e-mail will not be considered.

Jobbnorge ID: 133818, Deadline: The application deadline has passed