job offers
Location: Roscoff, Brittany, France
Contact: meijer [at] sb-roscoff [dot] fr
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Contact: v [dot] robert [at] cbs [dot] knaw [dot] nl; personeelszaken [at] niob [dot] knaw [dot] nl
Location: Milan, Italy
Application deadline: February 9, 2009
Contact: alessandro [dot] dellavedova [at] ifom-ieo-campus [dot] it
Start date: Approx February 1st.2009
Duration: 2 years
Funding Source: Italian Ministry of Health
Contact Person (Referent): Manuela Sironi, Uberto Pozzoli
Ref. E-Mail: manuela [dot] sironi [at] bp [dot] lnf [dot] it; uberto [dot] pozzoli [at] bp [dot] lnf [dot] it
Tel: +39-031877915
Fax: +39-031877499
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