Location: Madrid, Spain
Date: 9-27 July, 2007
7th course in Bioinformatics for Molecular Biologists (Bertinoro, (Italy) 18th-22nd March 2007) directed by H. W. Mewes (Munich, Germany).
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European Genetics Foundation
PO Box 2254 - 40137 Bologna (Italy)
Tel. +39 (0)51 306171 - +39 (0)51 5870610 - Fax +39 051 6364004
"European Genetics Foundation"
Advanced Computational Proteomics: Structure, Imaging and Control
location: Lipari Island
date: June 16 - June 23, 2007
Deadline for application: March 15, 2007
The University of Siena is organizing for year 2007 the 4th edition of the Master in Bioinformatics Alberto del Lungo (first level). The master is open to students with a degree in either the Life Sciences or IT.

Enrollment for the 2007 edition will take place in November, for complete information visit web-site or email at