job offers
IRB Barcelona is seeking a postdoctoral fellow with experience in generative models (e.g. GANs, cVAE), to work on the development of precision drugs. (ref. PD/20/07)
A contract position for a Bio/Informatician is available immediately at the “Stem cells and Neurogenesis” Unit, in the Division of Neuroscience at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan.
PhD position available in computational biology at the PhD school of Bioscience of the University of Padova.
Bando per due borse di studio per progetto "EPIGENETIC MODELLING / REMODELING OF CANCER METASTASIS AND TUMOR IMMUNE CONTEXTURE TO IMPROVE EFFICACY OF IMMUNOTHERAPY". Scadenza 25 febbraio 2020. Bando: Per informazioni:;
A postdoctoral position is immediately available for a bioinformatician in the context of a long-term project that aims at understanding the molecular bases and therapeutic implications of cellular heterogeneity in human pancreatic cancer. The project is highly integrative, making use of complementary cutting-edge omics technologies, including sequencing- and imaging-based spatial transcriptomics and epigenomics. It involves tight interactions not only with other group members but also with the broad community of computational and experimental biologists of the IFOM-IEO Campus. Your role will be to lead, develop and apply advanced computational methods for genomics research, large-scale data integration and analysis of sequencing data from complementary genomic technologies applied to primary human pancreatic cancer samples and to samples from experimental models developed in the lab.