This course is designed for PhD students and early-career researchers aiming at acquiring an interdisciplinary understanding of concepts and methods for the investigations of proteins.
The Workshop and School on Cancer Development and Complexity seeks to convene researchers from various related disciplines to explore multiple facets of the challenges posed by cancer a "disease of the systems.
Mass spectrometry-based proteomic experiments generate ever-larger datasets and, as a consequence, complex data interpretation challenges. In this course, the concepts and methods required to tackle these challenges will be introduced, covering peptide and protein identification, quantification, and differential analysis.
The main goal of the 16th edition of the CIBB is to provide a multi-disciplinary forum open to researchers interested in the application of computational intelligence, in a broad sense, to open problems in bioinformatics, biostatistics, systems biology, synthetic biology, and medical informatics. Cutting edge methodologies capable of accelerating life science discoveries will be discussed.
July 25-31, 2019 Application deadline: July 1st 2019