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13th Annual Meeting of the Bioinformatics Italian Society
June, 2016, University of Salerno, Italy

How to reach the Aula Magna by car (arrival at Park 1)

The nearest free parking area to the Aula Magna is the Parcheggio Multipiano (Park 1) outside the campus. See the map for the position of that parking area.

To arrive there, come to the campus by the exit "Università", you will find easily the Parcheggio Multipiano once arrived in Fisciano, in front of you (figure 1). If you arrive by the exit "Fisciano-Mercato S. Severino", you must go around the campus (keeping it on your right) until you reach the Parcheggio Multipiano.

Park your car and follow the instructions to arrive to the Aula Magna (green dashed line in the map, 5’ walk approx.):

Go out of the park and walk on the sidewalk keeping your right. Cross the road (viale Giovan Battista Vico) when you see a small gate (figure 2) that enters into the campus. Once in the campus, on your left you can see a particular structure (figure 3). Turn right and walk along the road: you should start seeing the Aula Magna building in front of you (figure 4). To reach it, continue walking on the road until you reach a parking area near another particular sculpture (figure 5). Turn left and cross the parking area walking in the direction of the Aula Magna building (figure 6). You will arrive after about 50 mt to the "Chiostro della Pace", with a blue roof (figure 6 and figure 7). To reach the Aula Magna, keep the "Chiostro" on your right and pass below the gangway on your left (figure 8). You are in Piazza Gabriele de Rosa: to find the main entrance of Aula Magna turn right, go towards the "soundboard" (figure 9), turn right and you will see the main entrance (figure 10).

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