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13th Annual Meeting of the Bioinformatics Italian Society
June, 2016, University of Salerno, Italy

How to reach the Aula Magna by public transports (arrival at the bus terminal)

Enter in the campus and find the way near a building with yellow railing (figure 1). Turn right and go down along that way (via Francesco de Sanctis): you should see a blue building in front of you (figure 2). At the end of the way, turn left on via G. M. Galanti (figure 3) and follow the way keeping the blue building on your right, towards the building in beige marked "D1" (figure 4). Once arrived in Piazza Pomponio Leto, pass below the bridge (figure 5) and continue straight on. You will arrive in a square (Piazza del Sapere) with a fountain on your right, in front of the building D2 (figure 6). In front of you, you can see the building of the Aula Magna (figure 7). Continue walking straight on, following the way, and you will arrive at the Aula Magna (figure 8). Go to the main entrance on the right (figure 9).

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