Fellowship Call
Candiolo Cancer Institute
Enzo Medico
Deadline for application
November 26, 2020
The oncology network of the Italian NAtional research Hospitals, Alleanza Contro il Cancro (ACC; https://www.alleanzacontroilcancro.it/bandi-avvisi/3363-2/ ), has launched a public selection, based on titles and interview, for the awarding of a scholarship entitled: "Bioinformatics analysis applied to cancer genomics within the Gersom project", to be held at the Institute of Candiolo FPO-IRCCS, for graduates with a master's degree in biology , biotechnology, computer science, physics, mathematics, engineering. Academic qualifications obtained abroad are admitted only if formally recognized in Italy. The equivalence of any other university degree is excluded.
The activities will be aimed at learning and optimizing the management, storage and safeguarding of data output from Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) machines, the generation of quality control reports on NGS runs, the processing of data for the generation of molecular profiles, the analyzes on these molecular profiles in order to:
- Characterize the cases of neoplastic disease under study;
- Generate hypotheses on disease mechanisms;
- Generate therapeutic hypotheses that are of potential use in the patient's clinical management.
All this in continuous interaction with the ACC network to share and optimize analytical procedures.